Nike Has Unveiled Its Most Sustainable Sportswear To Date


Nike’s groundbreaking new material innovation moves athletic apparel towards a smarter, more sustainable future.

17 November 2022


The clothes we buy and how they are made can play a huge part in building a greener future, but that doesn’t have to mean compromising on wearing what we want. Nike’s latest innovation, Nike Forward, is a true game-changer, revolutionising the way we look at apparel creation, sustainable materials and the lifespan of our belongings, while still delivering on performance and style.


The first thing to understand is that Nike Forward isn’t a product, it’s an entirely new approach to materials based on more than five years of research and 50 years of Nike design prowess (to give you some idea, it’s the brand’s most significant apparel innovation since Dri-FIT). Rather than being woven or knitted, Nike Forward is created by connecting ultrathin layers using a needle-punching process, which significantly reduces the carbon emissions involved and can be tailored to suit the specific piece.


For this autumn, that means a completely new take on that classic sportswear stalwart, the grey hoodie. Made with five ultrathin layers, it also has a minimalist new look: think fewer seams, raw-cut pockets and a boxy, sculptural fit – call it the hoodie of the future. But Nike Forward can be adapted, experimented with and reworked from item to item, as well as being made with a range of layer types, including industrial waste, pre-consumer waste and post-consumer waste. And the sustainable focus doesn’t end there. Crafted with recycled content – the hoodie is made with at least 70 per cent recycled content by weight – Nike Forward has been created with circularity in mind. So with no zippers or trims, garments are easier to recycle, plus the hoodie has been made using zero water in dyeing and finishing.


Designing with sustainability at the forefront doesn’t mean compromising on athletes’ needs either. Nike Forward meets Nike Therma-FIT ADV technology standards for warmth without bulk and has been created using the most advanced proprietary sport science, digital tools and manufacturing techniques. Put simply, it’s sportswear you can trust. The innovation breaks in over time, like a favourite pair of jeans, and can be fine-tuned for different lifestyle and performance purposes.


It’s Nike’s way of pushing for a better and greener future, via clothes you’ll actually want to wear.


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