10 Best-Paid Jobs For Students In The UK


There’s no denying that going to university is expensive. Especially if you are an international student studying abroad. With that in mind, it will come as no surprise that there is a growing demand for part-time jobs to help students get extra income whilst they’re at university.


Currently, non-EU students can work part-time for 20 hours a week and full time during holiday time.


Recent research by CV-Library has revealed the best-paying jobs for students in the UK. The study looked at 2000 part-time jobs in over 15 university cities to determine the most profitable jobs for students.


Here is the Top 10 List (in no particular order):


  1. Sales (around £8.82 per hour)

The short and flexible shifts in sales make it an ideal line of work for students. A lot of the time you can earn commission on top of your hourly wage too. Working on the phone in a call centre requires very strong English language skills.


  1. Administration (around £9 per hour)

Most of the skills needed to do well in administrative roles are similar to the skills student use whilst studying. For example, good computer skills and knowledge of different types of software such as Microsoft Excel.


  1. Social Care (around £9.05 per hour)

Compassionate and caring students may find social care a suitable option. There aren’t many other requirements needed other than wanting to help others. And full training is often given.


  1. Transport & Logistics (around £9.52 per hour)

For students, this would usually be warehouse work such as being a picker. Companies such as Amazon often advertise for extra staff around Christmas and you can get yourself a temporary contract – sometimes with the option to stay on.


  1. Health & Medicine Sector (around £9.88)

Students who are already studying in this field would find it useful to get extra money and experience by working a part-time job.


  1. Customer Service (around £10.35)

Typical roles for students include telephone-based customer support and front-of-house. Customer service is usually shifting work and no specific qualifications are needed other than a friendly smile.


  1. Education (around £11.04)

Whilst you’re still learning yourself, you can actually spend your free time teaching others. The majority of roles will be language or music tutors and you can pretty much work whenever suits you.


  1. Marketing (around £11.61)

Marketing roles are not so common but they do pay well. Students may be able to find part-time marketing assistant roles if they have relevant experience or they are studying something similar.


  1. Accountancy (around £12.34)

Students who are studying mathematics, business or finance are in luck as they may be able to find themselves accountancy roles. Although they are largely based on experience, studying something related could help. They are a good find as they pay very well.


  1. Construction (around £13.58)

It may be surprising to find construction on the list of best-paying jobs for students, let alone number one. However, there are plenty of roles available and “construction” includes things such as roofing and painting and decorating. With flexible shift patterns and good wages, it comes in at number one on the list.


*Source : https://edvoy.com/articles/10-best-paid-jobs-students-studying-uk/


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