Top 20 UK Universities in 2022 for Careers Services


We are delighted to announce the top 20 UK universities in 2022 for careers services based on StudentCrowd reviews.


1.What is a careers service and what do they do?

A careers service is run by a team of professionals that support students throughout their higher education journey. They help students make the right decisions, increase proactivity, promote skill development and improve job prospects.
One of the main reasons students choose to go to university is to improve their job prospects, so a good careers service can go a long way to helping them improve their employability.
A good university careers service will start developing a students’ skills from the moment they start studying and will get them considering different career options. They will provide advice about career paths and potential job options to help students choose the best career for them. Some career services run awards to help improve employability through skill development and work experience like the University of Greenwich (#8). They will even give recommendations on LinkedIn if students complete the award. Many universities will have online resources to help prepare students for employment, like the University of Cambridge’s (#1) extensive bank of resources available on demand through their proprietary YouTube channel. 
CV-proofing is usually offered through online portals to help pick up errors and optimise applications for specific jobs. Many careers services will offer one-to-one appointments where they can run practise interviews and offer specific career mentoring. In addition to providing thousands of graduate job vacancies for students to browse, careers services will provide networking opportunities and host events. The University of Reading (#4) runs the region’s largest graduate recruitment fairs biannually.
Careers services support students throughout university and foster independence, self-improvement and employability and, consequently, improve job prospects. Importantly, many offer support and resources post-graduation too, so if students want to take a break or go travelling after university, the team will still be available to give them the best chance at securing a good job. For example, the University of Bristol’s (#18) career service will provide support up to three years after graduation.


  1. Are university rankings and university league tables useful for determining how good a career service is?

Student opinions in the form of university reviews are vital because a careers service cannot be quantified like graduate outcome percentages and yet are a crucial way of harnessing the benefits of a degree. A student’s experience of a careers service can give you real insight into the quality and assistance they provide and how well graduates do as a result. The league table below is entirely based on real students' opinions.


  1. How is the top 20 league table worked out?

We’ve crunched the numbers on 15,871 student reviews submitted on StudentCrowd between June 2020 to May 2022 to find out the best universities for careers services. The annual StudentCrowd University Awards are the only awards entirely based on authentic student reviews. Here at StudentCrowd we only allow reviews verified by a valid email address, to ensure all the opinions on our site are expressed by real students. You can read more about our authentic review process here. We can now reveal the top 20 universities for careers services in our league table below!


O The Top 20 UK Universities for Careers Services

  1. University of Cambridge

  2. The University of Manchester

  3. The University of Sheffield

  4. University of Reading

  5. Imperial College London

  6. University of Birmingham

  7. University of Liverpool

  8. University of Greenwich

  9. Bangor University

  10. University of St Andrews

  11. Robert Gordon University (RGU)

  12. University of Warwick

  13. Cardiff University

  14. Newcastle University 

  15. University of Aberdeen

  16. University of Glasgow

  17. Loughborough University

  18. University of Bristol

  19. University of East Anglia (UEA)

  20. Durham University


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