Patagonia's ESG in Style: Eco-Friendly Hoodies Crafted from Recycled Materials


Patagonia is a company founded in 1973 that values the pursuit of top quality and durability when creating its products, which is one of its core values. Initially starting out as a small climbing gear manufacturer, Patagonia began to prioritize values such as sustainable production methods, social responsibility, and environmental protection to communicate a strong message to its customers. As a result, Patagonia gained popularity through its innovative and impressive marketing strategies. Over time, Patagonia grew into an outdoor brand that sells clothing, accessories, and shoes, highly popular among outdoor enthusiasts due to its focus on product durability and high quality. Additionally, Patagonia is committed to prioritizing environmental protection by using sustainable materials and manufacturing methods, making extensive efforts to uphold its values. As an American company, Patagonia also practices ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management, aligning its business operations with its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By prioritizing these values and creating products that have a positive impact on customers, Patagonia aims to make a difference in the world.

Patagonia is a sustainable fashion brand that releases products made with recycled materials. Using recycled materials plays a significant role in protecting the natural environment. Patagonia's recycled products are primarily made of polyester material. This material is made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, plastic bags, and used clothing. These products maintain the same quality as conventional polyester products while being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Patagonia's recycled products include various product lines. For example, there are t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and other products made from recycled materials. These products all undergo Patagonia's rigorous quality inspection before being released, and customer satisfaction is high.

As a sustainable fashion brand, Patagonia leads the way in protecting the environment and promoting sustainable consumption culture through recycled products. Recycled products help protect the environment while providing high-quality products that increase customer satisfaction.

Introducing one of Patagonia's recycled products - the stylish and eco-friendly hoodie. 



Boardshort Logo Uprisal Hoody


Introducing one of Patagonia's recycled products - the stylish and eco-friendly hoodie.

Patagonia's Boardshort Logo Hoodie is one of Patagonia's recycling products, and is described on as follows: The Boardshort Logo Upcycled Hoody is made from 100% recycled knit fleece with a brushed interior for a soft feel and added warmth. By using fabric scraps and recycled bottles, this garment reduces our need for new raw materials and helps keep plastic waste out of landfills and oceans. It is also certified as Fair Trade sewn, ensuring that the people who made it earned a premium for their labor.


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