How To Wear A Hoodie In 2023, According To Miu Miu


Admittedly, no one really requires any assistance on how to wear a hoodie – it’s one of those items of clothing that follows no rules and is solely purpose-driven. It has the potential to give “cool off-duty model”, but, ultimately, it’s something we hanker for when we want to feel comfortable.


So, why are we talking about this school-run staple? After all, this isn’t a sartorial hangover from lockdown – mais non – hoodies have been around for aeons (my favourite one is a Russell Athletic navy blue hoodie my dad bought in the ’80s), and are nothing particularly new.


It is – as always – down to Mrs. Prada, who breathed new life into the zip-up in her autumn/winter 2023 show for Miu Miu. Models dressed in leggings, trainers, wool coats and grey hoodies were sent down the runway – proof of the elevation of the humble sportswear basic. It was, as anything Mrs Prada does, intentionally understated and carefully thought out. An exercise in palette cleansing, if you will, wrapped up in Miu Miu’s signature tongue-in-cheek approach to dressing.


What’s left for us to do? Don our favourite cosies, of course. If, however, you’re still looking for a fashion-forward way to wear your favourite hoodie, let these four outfits serve as inspiration.


  1. Blazer + hoodie + trainers


  1. Maxi skirt + hoodie + ballet flats


  1. Trench coat + jeans + zip-up hoodie


  1. Logo hoodie + leather jacket + tailored pants






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