Global University Ranking List 2022: Top Universities in the World


The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2022 have been released, and once again, the University of Oxford has been named the world's top university. The rankings assess universities based on a variety of factors, including research, teaching, citations, international outlook, and industry income.

Here are the top 50 universities in the world according to the 2022 THE rankings:


  1. University of Oxford
  2. Stanford University
  3. Harvard University
  4. California Institute of Technology
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  6. University of Cambridge
  7. University of Chicago
  8. ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
  9. University of Pennsylvania
  10. University of California, Berkeley
  11. Imperial College London
  12. Yale University
  13. Princeton University
  14. University of Tokyo
  15. University of Toronto
  16. Tsinghua University
  17. Columbia University
  18. Johns Hopkins University
  19. University of Michigan
  20. University of Edinburgh
  21. Peking University
  22. University of Hong Kong
  23. National University of Singapore
  24. Duke University
  25. University of California, Los Angeles
  26. University of Manchester
  27. University of Melbourne
  28. Cornell University
  29. University of British Columbia
  30. University of Sydney
  31. University of Texas at Austin
  32. University of Washington
  33. Northwestern University
  34. King's College London
  35. New York University
  36. Seoul National University
  37. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  38. Australian National University
  39. University of California
  40. University of Copenhagen
  41. University of Zurich
  42. University of Warwick
  43. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  44. University of Amsterdam
  45. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  46. University of Queensland
  47. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
  48. University of Bristol
  49. Georgia Institute of Technology
  50. University of Glasgow


The United States continued to dominate the top of the rankings, with 27 universities in the top 50. The United Kingdom had eight universities in the top 50, followed by China with six, and Switzerland with four.

One notable trend in the 2022 rankings was the rise of universities in Asia, particularly in China. Tsinghua University in Beijing was named the top university in Asia for the first time, and it rose to 16th place overall in the global rankings. The top 200 also included 13 universities from mainland China, up from 10 in 2021.

In terms of methodology, THE uses 13 performance indicators to assess universities across their core missions of teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook. The rankings are based on a survey of more than 22,000 academics from around the world, as well as data on research output, citations, and other measures of institutional performance.

As the global higher education landscape continues to evolve, these rankings serve as a useful guide for students, academics, and policymakers around the world.


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