Best Holiday Destinations For UK University Students


When you are a student, it can be hard to know where you would like to go on holiday. You may feel too old for holiday resorts with lots of slides and swimming pools. However, you may be too young for adult resorts or may just not feel sophisticated enough for them! You just need to remember that when you are a student, you could have some of the best experiences of your life. Holidays will provide you with memories for the future. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right destinations for you!


If you want to discover the best holiday destinations for students, check out this article and you will be booking plane tickets in no time.


Where is the best place to travel as a student?

There is no place in the world which every single student will enjoy. Every student has different expectations about what the best holiday will be for them.


Some students may want to go on a beach holiday, whilst others may be more into adventures. For example, Albania is a great destination if you are a big fan of beaches.


Alternatively, students are bound to love a vibrant nightlife. If this sounds like you, Madrid might be a fantastic place for you to visit. More detail about different countries and the specific experiences they offer can be found on the Rough Guides website if you click here.


However, there are many students who like to travel for the culture. If this sounds like you, places such as Amsterdam or Cambodia may be the way to go.


Where is the best place to travel in the UK as a student?

When students think of holidays, most of them think about hopping on a plane and going abroad. However, the truth is, you can have a great holiday in the UK!


For example, Cornwall is a beautiful place to visit. It has beaches, historical sites and of course is home to the famous Cornish pasty and cream tea.


For some parts of the UK, this can still seem far to travel. Therefore, you must also consider other destinations. For example, the Lake District has amazing scenery which is great for long walks.


Edinburgh is another holiday destination, renowned for its culture, festivals and amazing nightlife. You can find out more about these destinations and other UK getaways on the website, if you click here.


Where you choose to go really depends on how much time you have off. As school holidays can sometimes be restrictive, it can be better to go on holiday in the UK. Check out this article from Think Student to discover how many weeks holiday students in school usually have.


Where is the best place to go on holiday as a university student?

When you are a student at university, money is scarce. Therefore, you want to get as much value as you can for your money!


You want to gain memories for a lifetime, whilst also being sensible with your spending. Therefore, the Whatuni website identified ten different places which are worth all of the money students are required to spend for a holiday.


This list identified Bulgaria, which has one of the cheapest beach resorts in the world! It also has cheap hotels and restaurants which are high in value.


Barcelona is also a fantastic city, which caters very well for students. You can discover even more destinations and details about these in the Whatuni article, if you click this link.


If you want to find out the most popular holiday destinations for students, check out this article from Think Student.


What are the best holiday destinations for the summer?

Summer is definitely the best time of the year for holidays! For this reason, most holiday packages in the summer get booked pretty quickly.


Therefore, if you are a student looking for a good summer holiday, you are in the right place to get a right idea about where to go. You may be thinking about some well-known destinations in your head. However, the less well-known places may actually be the best!


This Kayak article outlines ten different great destinations to go on holiday in the summer, instead of other more popular places. For example, going to a place called Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia) instead of Paris could be a good choice. It has as much romance as Paris does and the architecture is beautiful.


Another great swap is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia instead of Dubai. This place not only offers fantastic views but also is a great destination for shopping! These destinations are not only cheaper, they will also give you one of the best experiences of your life.


These places are great for summer because you will definitely avoid the crowds, whilst still being able to bask in that sunshine.


If you don’t really want to travel, check out this article from Think Student, to discover the best things to do during the summer holidays.


What are the best holiday destinations for the winter?

Sometimes winter can just be too cold and you might want to get away!


How can a student travel cheap?

Travelling is definitely difficult when money is involved. However, don’t worry! This article from Save the Student explains different holiday packages you could pay for, which are great value for money. For example, the loveholidays student package starts at just £93, and the Party Hard travel includes entry to lots of events and clubs so you don’t have to pay for entertainment during your holiday.


It would be useful to look at these different packages, as they aim to get you the cheapest accommodation and facilities, so you can still travel where you want to, whilst sticking to a budget.


However, if you are not a fan of these options, there are other things you could do. For example, taking flights in the middle of the week are normally cheaper compared to flights on the weekend.


It can also be useful to compare different websites and packages to see which options are the cheapest. Another great idea is to travel with friends! Then you can split the costs on necessities such as transport.


Some companies which offer holidays also offer student discounts. If they do, don’t be afraid to ask for one!


If you want to discover tips on how to budget as a student, check out this article from Think Student.


When is the best time to travel as a student?

Travelling is actually an important part of being a student – if you can do it. This is because it allows you to gain real world experience and meet people from all different cultures.


It stops you from being sheltered. You want to be travelling as much as you can, for as long as you can, to make the most of the experiences you will encounter.


With this in mind, the summer is probably the best time to travel as a student. This is because the summer holidays are most likely the longest holidays you will get! Most people will be travelling at this time too, allowing you to meet even more different people from all over the world.


However, the best time for you to travel really depends on each individual. If you have exams for example, straight after the summer, this may not be a good idea. Instead, you could go in the Christmas holidays and this would be just as fantastic!


Whenever and wherever you travel, just make sure that you are prepared and you are safe. Remember that your student life is a time for exploring and new experiences.


Happy travelling!


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